OCEAN  VOYAGERS By Takis Pierrakos


We do not set our eyes on blue granites
Nor upon fleeting contours of the land.
We do not feel warmed
By the flickers of the lighthouses
Neither our back is caressed
By a friendly hand,
The concern of our own people.
The port of departure
Became a faded poster inside us.
How shall we visualize the new to come forth?
The flying company of albatross
Ceased marking the air with protective circles.
He found himself trapped In the unwise reasoning of the present times.
Who is going now to sword the wind
That sweeps our voices away
Towards the edges of the planet
Turning them into stammers?


Translation of the Greek verse “OCEAN VOYAGERS”
prepared by TAKIS PIERRAKOS. The poem has been
written by the poet and is contained in the collection

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