OPEN INVITATION By Takis Pierrakos


Lets meet each other,
Beloved, somewhere high
Beyond the limits of our solar system,
At a place nullifying gravity
And the nuisances originating from others,
To eradicate the prison of immaturity,
To break the tight forms of the Nature,
To unify our essences sincerely,
With the view to achieve the fully desired
An amalgam of compassionate thoughts
Pursuing the continuous soothing of the other.

Translation of the Greek verse “OPEN INVITATION”
prepared by TAKIS PIERRAKOS. The poem has been
written by the poet and is contained in the book
“Pictured in Twilight” (25 Erotic Poems), Perispomeni, 2019.
17590cookie-checkOPEN INVITATION By Takis Pierrakos

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